Quality Espresso: The Company

In Spain, the brands manufactured by Quality Espresso are the benchmarks used by foodser vice professionals when considering commercial espresso and cappuccino coffee machines. Gaggia is probably the first brand to come to mind due to historic reasons. Gaggia arrived in Barcelona in 1952, four years after Achile Gaggia filed the patent for espresso coffee extraction in Italy. In 1956, a competitor arrived in Spain in the shape of Faema. The presence of these two brands in Barcelona meant that Spain participated from the start in the expansion of Mediterranean espresso culture.

The Gaggia and Faema entities in Spain eventually separated from their parent companies. The former had created the Visacrem brand in 1967 and began selling in export markets under this brand.

The latter created the Futurmat brand in 1978, and this rapidly expanded to become the number one selling brand in Spain.

One of the key contributions to espresso technology, the incorporation of vertical release electro-valves underneath the group heads, was developed in Barcelona, and is now used by all our competitors. In 2001, Quality Espresso purchased these two historic brands. With its headquarters in the Barcelona factory built by Faema in the 1960’s, Quality Espresso sells espresso equipment around the world under the brand names Futurmat, Gaggia, Visacrem, Italcrem and Mairali (the latter two brands having been created in 1957 and 1989 respectively).

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  • To be leaders in the design, production and distribution of professional foodservice equipment for the preparation of beverages related to espresso coffee, fresh milk and tea, by offering a range of quality services and products which satisfy and meet the expectations and necessities of current and future clients.
  • To involve our clients, personnel and suppliers in the long-term development of the industry, applying the highest quality standards, using the finest raw materials in all production processes, and offering the best available equipment service in the market.
  • To contribute to the development and diffusion of the world of coffee.

As evidence of the Organisation and Management's commitment to the establishment and maintenance of an Internal Management System, this Policy adopted by the Organisation has been drawn up and established. In order to serve as a reference point for the management of the Organisation and to be the basis of the Management System and the reference framework for improvement objectives.

QUALITY ESPRESSO undertakes, together with its Management, to implement, maintain and improve a Management System which consists of the management and development of products and services that meet the customer's requirements, based on an adequate internal work environment in which occupational hazards are prevented and controlled and measures that are to be carried out to benefit the environment are promoted.


This Management System encompasses the services provided and products made for the purposes of the design, production, after-sales service and sale of coffee machines, coffee grinders, thermos flasks and accessories as well as training in the world of coffee in the company's premises located in Barcelona.


This Management System policy is and must be adhered to by means of the commitment of the Organisation as a whole, from the leadership provided by the Management to the raising of awareness of this policy amongst the human team, all of whom assume the responsibilities, values and objectives derived from the policy.


Bearing in mind that the purpose of the organisation is to be a leader in the design, manufacture and sale of professional equipment for the production of beverages related to espresso coffee, fresh milk and infusions, offering a variety of high-quality products and services that satisfy and meet the expectations and needs of our present and future customers. Involving our staff, customers and suppliers in the development of long-term business based on the quality standard, using the best raw materials for all manufacturing processes and providing the best customer service in the market as well as helping to develop and publicise the world of coffee, the context of which currently revolves in a state and global environment with slight growth trends, the Organisation focuses the management of its Management System on:

· The adequate contribution of resources to determine, understand and strictly comply with the commitments and requirements assumed vis-à-vis the interested parties and with the Management System.

· Promoting ongoing improvement in all of the Management System, processes, products, services and staff training.

· Communicating and promoting awareness of effective internal management, as well as compliance with the requirements of the products and services and the Management System

· Making a commitment to, directing and supporting external workers and suppliers so that they can contribute to the effectiveness of the Management System.

· Maintaining a focus on increasing customer satisfaction.

· Creating a working environment for all employees that foster the company's commitment to Quality, the Environment, Safety, Teamwork and mutual Trust and Respect.

· Not manufacturing products or providing services that do not comply with current legislation, and undertaking to comply with the legislation and regulations on the environment and occupational safety which are applicable within the organisation.

· Maintaining a commitment to the protection of the environment, including the prevention of pollution.


In order for this Policy adopted by the Organisation to be a key pillar of the Management System, a method has been established for it to be reviewed, maintained, updated and improved, and several communication channels have been defined and created to make it possible for it to be disclosed to all interested parties.

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Certified Products

Quality Espresso offers products certified by independent laboratories and backed by an experience of over 60 years. Additionally, the activities and systems of Quality Espresso meet the requirements of ISO 9001:15