Quality Espresso presents at HOST the version 2.0 of its IOT for connected espresso machines and the Visacrem Vetro for Take Away Cups

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Barcelona, September 2017.-  Quality Espresso, one of the largest manufacturers of professional espresso machines, will exhibit at the upcoming foodservice equipment show HOST, in Milan, October 20 to 24, the version 2.0 of the data interface of its revolutionary IOT system Quality Espresso Link. Additionally, the company will present the Take Away Cup version of its highly successful Visacrem Vetro espresso machine.

The company, a pioneer in the development of advanced espresso coffee solutions, will display connected machines with the version 2.0 of its interface, offering key data of the espresso equipment in real time. The latest version of the interface features a control panel for service technicians, showing data relating to components such as the cycles performed by flowmeters, motor and pushbuttons or the remaining life of the water softener. The company is also developing a further interface aimed at helping baristas measure their performance. Quality Espresso Link has now been functioning for 18 months in bars, cafés, hotels and restaurants in Spain and other European countries where it has been positively received. The company continues to increase the territory covered by the system, both in Europe and further afield.

Thanks to Quality Espresso Link, the owners and operators of coffee machines, which include coffee roasters and distributors, can obtain information such as the number of coffee cycles performed, fault messages or the need to carry out preventive maintenance. The system helps them to provide a faster and more  efficient service that is tailored to the needs of the cafés, hotels and restaurants where the coffee machines are located. The system works thanks to a SIM card installed on the electronic board of each machine and which transmits all the information to a data platform. Coffee machine owners may then access the information from the data platform using an Internet-connected device, whether it be a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. Quality Espresso Link has been present at prestigious international events such as the Mobile World Congress or the IOT Solutions World Congress where it was showcased by Vodafone as an example of the application of the Internet of Things to the coffee serving sector.

A further novelty from Quality Espresso also present al Host is the Visacrem Vetro for Take Away Cups, a professional machine designed to take taller espresso cups. It boasts retro illuminated capacitive touch push buttons and an illuminated work area, facilitating the work of the barista. Its modern design allows it to easily fit into the décor of any coffee serving outlet.

Crafted in a traditional manner in Barcelona, the Visacrem Vetro is available in 2 or 3 group configurations. It boasts the patented Easy Latte tap system on both the steam arms and the hot water outlet. The control panel is made of tempered glass from international technology group SCHOTT, making the product durable, easy to clean and giving it a distinctive appearance.


About Quality Espresso

Quality Espresso is the owner of the Futurmat, Mairali, Italcrem and Visacrem brands and the joint owner of the Gaggia brand along with Gaggia, SpA. It is the largest manufacturer of professional espresso machines in Spain and one of the industry leaders worldwide. Founded in 1952, the company has 120 employees and exports to 90 different countries from its 17000 sq. meter factory in Barcelona.

Quality Espresso Barcelona manufactures all its machines following a traditional method that produces a professional, adaptable, innovative and high-quality product.




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Quality Espresso offers products certified by independent laboratories and backed by an experience of over 60 years. Additionally, the activities and systems of Quality Espresso meet the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008