Quality Espresso presents Quality Espresso Link: the Internet of Things applied to professional coffeemakers that is turning the market upside down

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Barcelona, November 2016.- Quality Espresso presented Quality Espresso Link at Hostelco, a revolutionary M2M (machine to machine) system that provides real-time remote information about the entire base installed.  This mechanism is a novelty in the industry, as there was nothing like it until now, and provides key real-time data to machine owners and managers. Quality Espresso Link was also present at l IOT Solutions World Congress Barcelona where Vodafone introduced it as an example of the Internet of Things applied to the coffee industry..

Thanks to Quality Espresso Link, the owners and managers of coffee machines, such as coffee toasters, obtain information, including the number of coffee cycles performed, malfunction alerts or the need for preventive maintenance. This allows them to provide a faster and more efficient service, adapted to the needs of cafés, hotels and restaurants where these machines are used. “The system can be used to improve the service provided by coffee maker owners and managers at their establishments, which in turn results in better service for the end customer at bars, restaurants and cafés", said Adam Giralt, Business Manager of Quality Espresso.

The QE Link system allows users to obtain information from a virtual mobile network created by Quality Espresso with GSM technology. A Global SIM card installed on the electronic chip of each machine receives and transmits all the information to a data platform. From there, each machine owner can access the information with a device connected to the Internet, whether a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

The system works thanks to a Vodafone Global SIM card installed on the electronic board of each machine and which transmits all the information to a data platform. Coffee machine owners may then access the information from the data platform using an Internet-connected device, whether it be a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. Quality Espresso Link is offered as an option on newly produced espresso models. An easy-to-install kit is available for machines that are already manufactured and installed as far back as the year 2000.

It provides information such as:

  • Statistics regarding consumption
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Malfunction alerts

The Quality Espresso Link is offered as an optional feature on newly produced electronic models. An easy set-up kit can be purchased for machines that are already installed and were manufactured after 2000.

For the domestic and international market

Quality Espresso Link is already being used in Spain where market feedback has been very positive. The company is now working to foster promotion and marketing of the system in the domestic market and to prepare release and distribution in 30 European countries. On the other hand, the system was also presented at IOT Solutions World Congress Barcelona, specifically at the Vodafone stand, its technology provider, which introduced it as a clear example of how the Internet of Things and its technology can be implemented in the coffee industry. Aside from the innovative M2M system, Quality Espresso presented one more novelty at Hostelco: Gaggia Vetro, an advanced barista tool in hardened glass and stainless steel. 


Presentation video made by Vodafone about Quality Espresso Link:

You can download Quality Espresso Link pictures at:


About Quality Espresso

Quality Espresso is the owner of the Futurmat, Mairali, Italcrem and Visacrem brands and the joint owner of the Gaggia brand along with Gaggia, SpA. It is the largest manufacturer of professional espresso machines in Spain and one of the industry leaders worldwide. Founded in 1952, the company has 120 employees and exports to 90 different countries from its 17000 sq. meter factory in Barcelona.

Quality Espresso Barcelona manufactures all its machines following a traditional method that produces a professional, adaptable, innovative and high-quality product.


More information:

E. Aymerich Jou • Tel. 93 812 58 97 • 685 506 531 • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Certified Products

Quality Espresso offers products certified by independent laboratories and backed by an experience of over 60 years. Additionally, the activities and systems of Quality Espresso meet the requirements of ISO 9001:15