Quality Espresso renews its branding to consolidate its international presence

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Barcelona, October 2015.- Quality Espresso has renewed its corporate image, changing its branding in order to consolidate its presence as a leading international manufacturer of food service espresso coffee machines. The initiative includes the creation of a new logo.

Quality Espresso's new logo unifies the corporate images used so far and modifies the Q of the company name to transform it into a cup of coffee and highlight its importance as a symbol. For the new corporate logo, the company has chosen bright orange, a colour that combines the red and coffee-brown tones used previously. For written communication, it has chosen the Frutiger typeface – a font that belongs to the sans-serif families and allows for easy reading. The use of a bold type in the corporate name highlights the quality of the company’s products.

For its slogan Quality Espresso has chosen 'Capture the Essence' to underline the fact that its machines catch the essence of coffee blends, enabling consumers to enjoy the flavours and aromas. It is a message that communicates the company's philosophy and the purpose of the products it manufactures. It also links to all stages of the coffee process: from the green coffee harvested in farms to the roaster and coffee distributor to the baristas that serve and prepare coffee through to the final consumer who drinks it. It also refers to the five senses and promotes coffee culture and its diffusion.

A tagline complements the slogan in advertising and marketing messages, emphasizing the main values of the company such as the traditional craftsmanship applied in its Barcelona facility and the strong commitment to R&D, bringing to market the best technology and the most advanced designs.

The new image has been applied to all the company’s products, corporate communications and marketing elements: show booths, brochures, stationery, promotional materials, etc. In addition, it is also present on external and internal signage at the company’s site, on its vehicles and employee uniforms.

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About Quality Espresso

Quality Espresso is the owner of the Futurmat, Mairali, Italcrem and Visacrem brands and the joint owner of the Gaggia brand along with Gaggia, SpA. It is the largest manufacturer of professional espresso machines in Spain and one of the industry leaders worldwide. Founded in 1952, the company has 120 employees and exports to 90 different countries from its 17000 sq. meter factory in Barcelona.

Quality Espresso Barcelona manufactures all its machines following a traditional method that produces a professional, adaptable, innovative and high-quality product.




More information:

E. Aymerich Jou • Tel. 93 812 58 97 • 685 506 531 • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Certified Products

Quality Espresso offers products certified by independent laboratories and backed by an experience of over 60 years. Additionally, the activities and systems of Quality Espresso meet the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008