Espresso grinders



Q10 EVO Grinder


The Q10 Evo grinder is the musical score of espresso for
any professional coffee machine, the foundation that will allow you to
get the best aromas and flavours into every cup of coffee.

Grinding the coffee just before brewing is the key to
the best possible espresso, preventing the coffee from oxidising
and losing its aromas and nuances.

The Q10 Evo grinder is the fastest on the market and offers three modes of operation: preground, grind on demand and
manual dose. The new DCS system (Dose Consistency System) for dosing ground coffee increases the regularity, consistency and accuracy of each dose of coffee.

Thanks to its intuitive touch screen and USB port, you can set
parameters for the perfect grind, as well as
install software and customised images.

The Q10 Evo grinder now has a new design with a
more modern look that can be adapted to any environment. It also
includes an optional Bluetooth system that connects
to the Espresso Link app to monitor the performance and
maintenance of the grinder.

Create a masterpiece with each cup of coffee thanks to the new Q10 Evo
grinder and set every moment to the sound of the best coffee.

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3.5" LCD touch screen
It features an intuitive 3.5" LCD capacitive touch screen that allows you to set parameters and the grinder is programmable in up to 12 languages
3 working modes
Preground: Ideal for high consumption and automatic grinding of the next dose.
Grind on demand: Freshly ground coffee. The dose is instantly ground and deposited in the filter holder.
Manual dose: Total control of dosing. Continuous grinding while the filter holder presses the micro switch.


New DCS technology
Dose Consistency System. New system for dosing ground coffee that improves the regularity, consistency and accuracy of each dose.
Bluetooth Connectivity
The grinder can be fitted with a Bluetooth system that collects information and connects to the Espresso Link app to improve the grinder’s performance and efficiency

The fastest grinder on the market

Main features:

  • Fastest on the market: one or two doses in an instant
  • Time per dose: 10 gr: 2 seconds
  • Preground: Ideal for heavy workloads
  • Hardened steel grinding discs for long life and high accuracy
  • Optional kit for can or PET containers
  • Programmable in 12 languages
  • USB port for transferring parameters and images
  • Precise grinding point adjustment (0.002 mm)
  • Includes a special brush for fast and effective cleaning of the coffee ducts
  • New electronics with advanced features
  • Password protected menu access
  • Dimensions: 63 x 20 x 37 cm




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