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Service & Technology

Quality Espresso offers installation, first commissioning, maintenance and end of life decommissioning of its professional espresso equipment throughout the Iberian Peninsula and its Islands.
Our team provides tailor-made technical training, according to the market needs.
Thanks to our technological tools, our customers may constantly monitor their coffee business.  


The IoT for the coffee business.

Welcome to coffectivity! Smartia is a platform that improves business profitability by taking advantage of the benefits of technology. With simple internet access, it allows remote control of coffee machines and supports operators analysing their performance through an intuitive dashboard: today Smartia manages data from thousands of connected machines, 24/7.

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Monitor the profitability of your grinder from the palm of your hand.

Espresso Link is the free app from Quality Espresso that receives all information gathered by connected grinders via Bluetooth. In this way, you can measure consumption and collect the relevant data to improve machine performance, maintenance, lifespan and profitability. In fact, the app is automatically synchronised with a web portal, which can analyse all data coming from the grinders.

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Protect the environment

A concrete commitment to protect the environment.

Quality Espresso has the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification, which demonstrates the company's firm commitment to protecting the environment and sustainability in all processes. An effective system to identify, control and reduce the environmental impact of the activities, products and services of the company.
This certification is one more step in the Quality Espresso energy efficiency and sustainability plan, which encompasses the following pillars:

  • Ensure that the components of the espresso coffee machines that it manufactures are recyclable and oriented towards the circular economy in order to reduce both the consumption of raw materials and the production of waste
  • The energy efficiency applied in the operation of its coffee machines and grinders that it manufactures to achieve a reduction in energy consumption and improve reliability.
  • Quality Espresso has invested heavily in its factory located in Barcelona, incorporating new assembly lines and new, more environmentally friendly packaging
  • There is a strict industrial waste management protocol in place to minimize the environmental impact of industrial activity as much as possible.
  • In the Quality Espresso facilities, photovoltaic panels have been installed that allow the generation of 100% renewable energy for own consumption and that contribute to reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.
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Quality Espresso Training Department

Training department

The skills of employees are a core strength in any business. That’s why, the Training Department of Quality Espresso believes it is crucial to share the knowledge that allows food service managers to guarantee their customers a complete and pleasant experience in every cup of coffee.
Our courses are aimed at all those clients and professionals who wish to improve their skills and work procedures and include:

  • The world of coffee at origin.
  • The definition of espresso and practical steps to make the perfect cup.
  • Milk handling, presentation and processing techniques that do not alter the taste and nutritional characteristics of the product.
  • Coffee-based specialist beverages and techniques for their preparation.

Bespoke courses: The duration and content of training sessions can be varied according to the knowledge and experience of the trainees. We can even arrange sessions at operator’s own premises.
In our training team, we have an (Authorised SCA Trainer) and we offer a pathway to qualifications that are recognised world-wide, such as the Barista Skills Module (Introduction to Coffee, Foundation Level, Intermediate Level and Professional Level). We are also members and trainers of Forum Cultural del Café and FEC (Federación Española del Café).

Technical training

Technical training

The experience and knowledge of our Technical Service experts is the foundation of the training we offer:

  • Bespoke courses
  • In house courses (nationally and internationally)
  • Coverage throughout the Iberian Peninsula, The Balearics and The Canary Islands, thanks to more than 120 Quality Espresso certified service partners.
  • Training centres in both Barcelona and Madrid